Saturday, August 16, 2008

book of negroes

I am no longer going to waste my time reading something that I really don't enjoy. And more importantly, I am not going to feel bad about it.

It's a lot like dating. Do you know how many second and third dates I have gone on because I should like the guy, for a variety of reasons ranging from his religion, to his good looks, to his success, to his 'great personality'? Yet here I am, still single. So all of that time spent not enjoying myself and conforming to ideas that are not mine didn't get me anywhere in that department.

This is what I realized after I was about a quarter of the way into reading the Book of Negroes, an amazing book I just finished by Lawrence Hill. It is a fiction based in fact. I fell in love with the characters and I did not want it to end. More than that, this story of African slavery changed how I see the world.

Like I always say (so often more delayed than necessary), when you know, you know.


just me said...

I go on dates with guys because I *should* like them too.

It blows.

Rachel said...

Indeed it does.

L said...

I'm so glad you told us about this book. One of my areas of specialization in my graduate work is African American literature. I will definitely have to check out this text.


with love from Pittsburgh...

Rachel said...

Hey l, if you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think.


L said...

Will absolutely let you know what I think if I get a chance to read it. Semester starts tomorrow (egad!), so pleasure reading may take a backseat for a bit. But I'm definitely interested.

Thanks to you!

with love from Pittsburgh...