Saturday, March 15, 2008

conversations with my mother

My parents are leaving for New Zealand tomorrow. My mother called me tonight to say goodbye. We pretty much had the same conversation tonight as we had three nights ago.

"I'm still trying to figure out what to wear on the airplane."

"Are you kidding me? This is not a difficult decision to make. Did we not just discuss this? I said wear your lulu's and your zip-up with a tank top underneath in case you get a hotflash."

"Ok, but then I thought maybe I should wear that black criss-cross v-neck. You know the one you gave me?"


"You know. It's criss-cross."


"Black with a v-neck in the front and the back?"


The conversation continued on like that until my mother changed the subject to something even more delightful.

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing. I think I'll hang out here tonight. I was out late last night."

"Oh Rachel. I just wish you had something to do—someone to do something with. I just wish you could meet someone."

"Ok mom, this conversation can not keep going on repeat. Surely you must see that it doesn't bring anything good into the mix. I went out last night. I go out all the time. Nothing was going on tonight. That's all. Sure it would be nice to meet someone, but this conversation will only serve to annoy me."

"Oh I know", she laughs. "I just want you to be happy."

"I'm happy mom", I tell her like I always do, only this time I believe it.


Hilary said...

Oh my god, I read this and could swear you transcribed a conversation I would have with my mom. Exactly. From the "I don't know what to wear on the airplane" to "I just wish you had something to do—someone to do something with. I just wish you could meet someone." Literally, verbatim. Wow, I am so so so so glad to know I'm not the only one to go through this!

Laura said...

It's always something with mothers. Once you find a guy...then it's all about grandkids.

Love the last bit and so happy to read it!

Rachel said...

Hilary, I agree. It is good to know it isn't just me!

Thanks Laura! It's good to feel it.

ps Can you believe I already get the grandchild guilt too?

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