Saturday, February 02, 2008

too much time alone with the media

Not helping me want to get on a plane again. It is like someone read all of the transcripts of every therapy session I have ever had, boiled, diffused, and captured the essence de la Rachel and wrote it into a news segment.


Pilots are supposed to be the ones who have it all under control. How is it that this pilot managed to get ready for work, say goodbye to his family, find his way to the airport, get through security, get on the plane, greet the crew, study the maps [or whatever they do to plan their route], discuss it with the co-pilot, only then to go completely ravagingly insane over the Atlantic???

Then it got me to thinking, what does one do when one is a pilot and one has a nervous breakdown in the air? The only thing I can think of is that he was probably trying to take the plane down. I hear he was screaming that he wanted to talk to G-D. That would be one way to do it. So terribly frightening.

We were just hit with the "Godzilla" of snow storms, as dubbed by the media. It looks quite lovely out there for now, and the temperature is mild, so I do not really mind. Still rather be on a beach.

I have been sick this week. Just a cold, but it meant that I spent some quality time on my couch watching television.

The other day I saw a stupid talk show on the debate on men who wear baggy pants; like the kind that go halfway down your ass and your boxers hang out the top. It was treated as a serious debate. What a ridiculous and a collosal waste of time. Who cares?

In Toronto the other day they were voting on passing a law in city council banning flip flops, short skirts, muscle t-shirts [do these still even exist] and a bunch of other kinds of clothing. Stop wasting time and personnel on this shit! I mean seriously, if you dress unprofessionally, sure that may hamper your career growth, but let things evolve on their own. There are so many other problems in the city and the world. People should be ashamed for wasting their time on these ridiculous debates. They are a bunch of angry disatisfied drones projecting their own shit on the people around them.

Then a more important, but as I see it, misguided debate, was the afro-centric school debate in Toronto. The vote was close, but the decision came down that there will be an "afro-centric" public school in the city.

I have a problem with this in the same way I have a problem with the many public Catholic schools in the city. Public schools should be for everyone. If you want to send your kid to a special school you should have to pay for that. It should be a private school as it is for the Jewish, Hindu and Muslim communities.

If the city is going to fund an afro-centric school on the premise that the community is in need, they should probably do the same for aboriginal people, and then maybe the tamil community and, while I have not conducted any official needs assessment, I imagine the list goes on.

Instead of a "black" school, there should be a school for populations in need with extra services that meet the specific needs of each community. I can promise you that in this very multi-cultural city there are a number of poor communities that would benefit from extra services and programs. And more money should go into after school programs where kids in need can be exposed to strong adult mentors who value education and have the time to spend with them. There are lots of black kids with these needs, but I would be willing to bet there are lots of kids of all kinds of cultures that need it too.

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