Sunday, April 08, 2007

asado and writing for the sake of writing

I had a very relaxing long weekend. I had time to go to the gym every day. I did some strength training and I also ran on the treadmill because the weather was shit. I'd rather be outside, but you do what you can. Friday night I came home to find that my house guest's brother had run into some major legal troubles. Calling them 'major legal troubles' isn't quite strong enough, they're that big, but I can't and won't go into any details here because it's the kind of trouble that almost justifies my paranoid tendencies. Almost.

After the dust settled and she left for the weekend I went out for a late dinner with Harry. We usually go for a run and out for lunch on Saturdays but since he has another groupie visiting—a very young groupie—we did dinner instead. I spent Saturday with the babies and their mothers, and then went out for dinner with my Argentinian amigos. We were a large group, with babies and a 4 year old boy who's in love with me and speaks to me in a blend of English and Spanish. In his eyes I can do no wrong. He even brushed his teeth for me, according to his mother, which apparently is a daily battle. If only all the men felt this way about me.

We went to an Asian all-you-can-eat spot in northern Toronto that's owned by a Vietnemese man who lived in Argentina for 20 years. Normally this wouldn't be on our list, especially since it's all the way in Scarborough, but the draw to this place is that he offers, among a variety of Asian dishes, a traditional Argentinean barbecue (asado). It was quite good. I'm especially a big fan of the chimichurri sauce. I was even a little daring. I figure you might as well go with the experience, so I tried sweetbreads, which is the thymus gland of a cow. It tasted good but I had trouble getting past what it was. It was very rich and was mildly reminiscent of liver. It's a good thing Harry wasn't there. He would have been disgusted. By the way, it's officially over for Harry and the vegan. Unfortunately for me, she converted him to veganism, which makes our dinner choices that much more difficult.

Today I went to the gym again. Nothing else was open. I made a delicious chopped salad with green apples and blue cheese, feng shui-ed my bedroom, and read material for my upcoming clinical orientation. It was very productive and was enough to let out the air on this anticipatory anxiety that's been weighing me down. Making this move has been exciting and more than a little stressful with everything else going on in my life. Perhaps that's why I haven't felt very creative this week. Maybe now that I diffused it a little the creative urge will come rushing back.

I'm going to watch House and take something to sleep. I'm hoping to start this week off a little better than I did last.


gerry said...

Sound like a nice weekend...and you certainly enjoyed yourself...thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with us..and well i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Mothers Day Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Laura said...

Me too. (That whole starting the week off better...) I was so positive this morning and now that I am in the office I am positively grumpy.

I'm hoping the positivity comes back with my coffee.

Rachel said...

Gerry, you had me at 'mothers day wishes'.

Laura, I hope your day got better. How 'bout trying some hip hop? ...or coffee. Coffee always makes me happy.