Sunday, March 25, 2007

five free minutes

House guest still remains. I wish I could say she was male and sharing my bed but she's just not that kind of house guest. I'm not sure how long she'll be here, but she's great to have around except that I never find a quiet moment to blog and I have to say I miss it. I miss you my little blog. There are so many things... Some good, some exciting, some not so great and so I hope I'll find some time.

Sunday doesn't feel so Sunday-ish today. Maybe it's spring, double-digit temperatures, or my good attitude. They always told me I needed an attitude adjustment. Why didn't I listen?

So that was my five free minutes for the morning. I'm leaving now to meet people for brunch. I'll try to update later.

PS The flower was a shot I took in Napa where I learned that I have a button on my camera that allows me to take close-ups. I went a little close-up crazy.


chapman said...

brunch IS very time consuming, i'm finding. why do people in this city like brunch so much!?
i'm going to try and wake up and blog every weekday for awhile. we'll see how that goes. it'd be miraculous, really. but, if you're gonna keep the thing, might as well exercise it, right?

Lx said...

i'm with J up above.
and better yet...i wish people'd just stop eating (so much, at least).
hunger really is good discipline.
and hey J: daily spewing is much therapeutic.
beats the $125/hour they charge here.
the fuckers.

Rachel said...

Not smoking, exercising regularly, going to work everyday, paying my bills, saving what I can, and not eating ativan like candy is enough discipline for me. Brunch? Not so bad.