Sunday, February 25, 2007

and the award goes to

I'm sick on my lovely sofa, taking Cold FX, vitamin C, and echinacea, blowing my nose every five minutes, and watching the Oscars. I don't really care about the awards, but with nothing better to do I watch, if nothing else to see what people are wearing and the odd entertaining bit.

Thoughts in point form as I watch:

-Axl Rose—I mean Eddie Murphy—seems sad. I see it in his eyes and I know he told Barbara Walters that he's never been happier but I just don't buy it. Maybe I'm projecting or displacing, but I don't think so. When he didn't win I just felt so bad for him.

-People on the red carpet were wearing sleeveless dresses and no one appeared to be cold. As I looked off my balcony into the thick of the falling snow, I got excited that I would be there soon... Well not exactly there. It's still California, right? Apparently not. I checked my email a few minutes later and found a new message from Ronit, the friend I'm staying with in San Fran, telling me to bring warm clothes. "This place does not have 'California' weather", I think is what she said.

-I love the fact that I can pause the show, use the bathroom, talk on the phone, bake cookies, and then fast forward through the bad speeches and the commercials.

-Hands down the most authentic speech of the night goes to Ari Sandel, the winner of the short film West Bank Story. So well spoken and humble. And cute.

-So far, Al Gore is the big sleeper hit of the 2000's. I bet he'd be a great Dad. Just putting that out there.

-Seinfeld made the ugliest face during Al and Leo's presentation. If you tivo'd it you have to look at it. What the fuck was he doing?

-I was a little concerned that my eyebrows were threaded too thin yesterday. I like them on the thick side, but having examined many pairs of freshly threaded or waxed brows this evening, I think mine are good. And I thought this would be a waste of time.

-And long straight hair? Check. But I'm not sure how much I dig the draped-over-one-shoulder look.

-I love Robert Downey Junior. He's never looked better.

-I'm done at Michael Mann's look at America Through the Movies. Bedtime. I'll watch the rest tomorrow.

PS Speaking of brows, I couldn't fall asleep right away and I ended up watching Scorsese win. I am so relieved for him!

PPS Forest Whitaker REALLY deserved that award. And so did Helen Miran.


Hilary said...

It wasn't that warm in LA today actually. I walked down to the Kodak Theater to check out the red carpet and I was chilly in t-shirt and long sleeved hoodie, so they must have been kinda cold. I'm guessing they have heaters around, but I could be wrong.

Bubbles, Ink. said...

Marty Marty Marty! Finally! And, don't feel bad for Eddie...Alan Arkin is an ACTOR. Eddie is a great comedian. Although, I was sort of hoping he'd win, and show up in that slick, red leather suit circa "Raw."
(You know who, in gossip disguise)

Rachel said...

H: I didn't think anyone walked around in LA. My plan is to travel with layers and worse case scenario, I'll just have to buy myself a sweater or two.

Yeah Bubbles, I agree. Arkin's great.